‘Nature, Nurture, Know-How’ Blog Posted On Harvard Business Review Website

‘Nature, Nurture, Know-How’ Blog Posted On Harvard Business Review Website

Just wanted to let you know I’ve had a blog posted on the Harvard Business Review website.  The topic is ‘Superior Performance Intelligence’ and how it applies to leadership.  Click on the link below.  Any feedback would be very welcome.



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Alan Mauer —


I read your post on HBR and the first thing that came to mind was Dr Edward Deming. For years I have been implementing TPS, Lean and TOC with limited lasting results. As a result I have been studying the psychology associated with change and organization models.

In review I always come back to “Profound Knowledge”. Structure is important but the in depth knowledge of how systems work is the key to lasting success. The reality that I keep coming to is that most leadership lack the knowledge of systems and processes. Most large companies get run by functional departments (silo’s). The typical thinking is that to manage a complex organization you have to break it down and manage the pieces. The better way is to define the business by its revenue streams (systems or processes) and assign owners to them. We do a little of that at a high level with divisions and business units but it doesn’t go through all levels of the organization.

Dr Deming said that Profound Knowledge is made up of four interelated components:
– Appreciation of a System
– Theory of Knowledge
– The Psychology of change
– Knowledge about variation

I thought this might be interesting with your line of work.


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