There Is Nothing Wrong With Change – If It Is In The Right Direction

There Is Nothing Wrong With Change – If It Is In The Right Direction

OK, it’s happened.  I have left Lane4 and am now operating under the name TOP Performance Consulting Ltd.  By the way, I hope you like the new website.

I have spent most of my career supporting other people through change, whether it be with elite athletes or senior business executives.  Going through it myself over the past couple of months has been an ‘interesting’ experience to say the least. Leaving a company I co-founded whilst at the same time relocating from the US to the UK was a tough choice I made some months ago. But, of course, the decision to change is only the beginning; the transitioning process itself is another matter!

It was Winston Churchill who said that “there is nothing wrong with change – if it is in the right direction”.  That’s where many people faced with change can really struggle – they fail to see how it’s an improvement on the past, or, worse still, some think it will take things backwards.  As a leader, I’m sure you’ve encountered numerous people with these mindsets.  You may have even thought the same yourself on some occasions!

I’ve attached links below to two articles that are helpful in finding ways to get buy-in and engagement with change.  I encourage you to read both of them as each provides a different perspective on leading change.  The first article by Katie Warriner describes a framework for bringing about successful change at a formal organisational level.  The second, written by Chris Rodgers, talks about change through the more informal processes of leadership.

The common theme across individuals, teams and organisations who deliver sustained success is their focus on continual change – they never stand still, being acutely aware of the risk of becoming complacent.  Your role as a leader is to ensure that change is in the right direction and to tell a compelling story about why and how.

Anyway, my own transition from Lane4 to TOP Performance Consulting is complete.  The change is very much in the right direction and I am excited about the future.  I hope you will continue to follow this blog to find out what I get up to.  And, of course, I’d love to hear from you.  Please get in touch via the ‘Leave comment’ button below or go to the ‘Contact’ page on this website.

Demystifying The Challenge of Change

Leading Change Through Informal Coalitions

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