Who are we?

Top Performance Consulting Ltd (TPC) was founded by Professor Graham Jones and Dr Tara Jones in 2010 to help organisations, teams and individuals to deliver what we know a lot about – performance. Our core knowledge and experience emanates from working with the world’s best performers, including Olympic and World Champions, senior leaders in some of the world’s leading organisations and elite military leaders.

We apply our knowledge and experience to provide tailored interventions for organisations that are striving to make top performance achievable and sustainable. Whether it be individuals, teams, or the organisation, TPC has the experience, know-how and care to enable people to get the best out of themselves.

Where required, we call upon associate consultants with different backgrounds, expertise and experiences in performance development, all of whom provide the highest level of service expected by clients of TPC.

Our heritage means that we also strive to get the best out of ourselves and continually focus on our vision, mission and values detailed below to keep us on track.

Our Vision

To be respected as the highest quality designer and deliverer of bespoke performance interventions.

Our Mission

To be true to our values in enabling organisations, teams and individuals to perform at their best.

Our Values

  • Refreshing straight-talk – expect total honesty and transparency
  • Helpful challenge – expect constructive questions
  • Forefront expertise – expect the best knowledge and implementation
  • Unrelenting excellence – expect the highest quality
  • Purposeful fun – expect to enjoy the experience
  • On-tap support – expect the help you ask for, and more
  • Continual improvement – expect to be asked for feedback

Our Pride in What We Do

We know that we operate in a busy market where it can be difficult to differentiate between providers all claiming to offer what can appear to be the same services and the same ways of delivering them. We have worked hard to be different:

  • We are true experts in performance and organisational development. Our consultants have written five books as well as more than 150 scientific journal and professional articles on top performance and leadership. Graham’s latest book, Top Performance Leadership, and his Harvard Business Review article, ‘How the best of the best of the better get better and better’, are ample evidence of our expertise. Dr Tara Jones also has numerous applied and scientific publications in leadership and performance.
  • We really do live our values, and our passion, care, energy, transparency and commitment ensures we are great to partner with.
  • Our skills, experience and expertise means we deliver work of the highest quality and care to meet your specific needs.

Our Expertise

We have a proven track record in partnering with organisations, from start-ups to major global companies, to produce successful outcomes on a variety of real challenges, including:

  • Coaching leaders in driving major organisational change
  • Aligning employee engagement as part of a major business turn-around
  • Identifying sources of low morale and designing strategies for addressing it
  • Guiding and supporting business start-ups
  • Guiding organisations through emotional and behavioural dimensions of change
  • Designing and delivering leadership development programmes
  • Consulting with Boards and Executive Teams
  • Strategy and vision development with Boards and Senior Leadership Teams
  • Enhancing understanding of each other in newly formed executive teams
  • Addressing conflict within and across teams
  • Creating top performance sales teams
  • Consulting with teams to shift them from effective to top performance teams
  • One-to-one performance coaching
  • Delivering keynote presentations at a variety of corporate events

Our Clients Include

We work with organisations, teams and individuals in a wide variety of performance sectors and domains, including large and small businesses, charities, local government and sporting bodies. Some of our clients include:

  • Amateur International Boxing Association
  • Blind Veterans UK
  • British Paralympic Association
  • Buckinghamshire County Council
  • British Standards Institute
  • Buckinghamshire Legacy Board
  • Co-operative Legal Services
  • Cranfield University
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Heathrow Airport
  • London’s Air Ambulance
  • Marie Stopes UK and International
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Otis Elevators and Lifts
  • Premier Foods
  • Royal London Society For Blind People
  • The Order of St John Care Trust
  • Sabretooth Capital
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • Visa