It’s not only the written word Graham Jones has been using to discuss how to not only cope but to also thrive on pressure in the workplace. He has also been busy online, providing advice and information on this subject.

Developing Key Account Management Talent

How to Thrive on Pressure

Graham joins Anna Farmery on The Engaging Brand podcast to talk about how concepts from his new book Thrive on Pressure. They talk about:

  • What is pressure?
  • Why do humans create pressure on themselves when it is not a great experience!
  • How to create mental toughness
  • Why it is not about shutting thoughts out, it is about using emotions to work for you.
  • The 4 ways to thrive on pressure
  • How successful people make choices not sacrifices
  • How self belief is a combination of self confidence and self esteem
  • Are confidence and esteem connected?
  • The effect of self talk and the concept of stinking thinking!

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Striving to be a Real Leader

I have had a guest blog published on the top leadership blog Great Leadership, follow the link below to view the blog.

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Great Performance Day In and Day Out

My latest podcast recorded for the AMA is now available online.  This podcast discusses the continuum of Safe and Real Leaders and why Mental Toughness is important for Real Leaders.  Also discussed is how Leaders can be better equipped to deal with pressure.

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Coaching Your MVPs: Lessons for Leaders from Coaches of Champions

Here is a webinar I recorded for the American Management Association (AMA) in September, 2008. All you have to do to listen to it is sign up and become a member of the AMAwebsite (free of charge).

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