Top Performance Teams

Top-performing teams do not necessarily have the best individual talent and ability available, which means that other factors such as motivation, respect, responsibility, communication, accountability and care are of paramount importance. The vast amount of work TPC consultants have done with teams is ample evidence of how hard it is to unite and align people with different skills, personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

Our broad range of experience working with teams, especially Boards and Senior Leadership Teams, includes helping them:

  • Move from being ‘good’ to ‘great’
  • Deal with dysfunctional behaviours
  • Align behind a common strategy and goals
  • Understand their purpose and identify new ways of working
  • Change from being working groups to being teams
  • Develop new teams who need some ‘get to know and understand each other’ input
  • Overcome silo mindsets and behaviours
  • Develop strategy
  • Overcome the challenges of remote and virtual teams
  • Shift from being ‘working groups’ to top performing teams
  • Engage them with their organisations’ new, big, ambitious growth targets
  • Create visions for a function that are closely aligned to orgnisations’ vision
  • Create top performance temporary teams

As with our approach to one-one coaching, we develop trust and rapport with the team that allows us to both support and challenge them thus enabling real issues to be addressed and higher performance to be achieved.

Graham Jones facilitated a 2 day session of our Executive team. He encouraged and inspired us to be self-critical, frank, and honest with each other about our successes and challenges as a senior team leading a multinational organisation with over 8000 employees. We will be a stronger, more cohesive, and more forwarding thinking and leaning team in the future as a result of the journey on which Graham launched us.

Dana Hovig Former CEO, Marie Stopes International

Through a profound and accurate understanding of our individual and personal goals, motivations, behaviours and stress points, Tara helped us [new senior leadership team] coalesce into a TEAM that is much much stronger than the sum of its parts. Tara is a fast reader of personalities and of group dynamics. Following our work with Tara, we now have a clear vision and direction for our company and are building a culture that Tara led us to recognise that we needed. As a result, I feel that I have grown in the leadership position I have.

Sean Lowe MD EMEA & I RCI, Europe at Wyndham Worldwide