Our founder, Graham Jones, has written and edited a number of books.

They provide an insight into the complex concepts of human performance psychology but also include practical examples, stories and exercises that make this subject matter accessible and, most importantly, enjoyable to read.

We have provided an outline of the content of these books and where possible links to enable you to purchase these books directly. If there is a particular chapter you would like to discuss or a topic you have questions about, then please contact us and we will respond directly.

Top Performance LeadershipTop Performance Leadership

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New, achievable ways to deliver first class, sustainable results

Written by Graham Jones, this book examines what is at the core of being a leader and how to sustain top performance leadership consistently over time

It challenges conventional leadership thinking and practices and will make a real difference to how you lead. At its core is a very simple model of leadership which is applicable across all performance settings; define ‘performance’, then identify the ‘environment’ required to deliver it and then ‘lead’ accordingly. This model will enable you to


  • Deliver top performance which is sustainable
  • Create an environment where your people can thrive
  • Transform teams into top performance teams
  • Understand the motives that drive top performance leaders
  • Develop the knowhow that underpins top performance leadership

The book draws on the vast experience and research of its author, Professor Graham Jones, as well as an Editorial Team of senior leaders from business, the third sector, medicine, sport and military. Whether you are new to the role or have a wealth of experience as a leader, the book will challenge and help your thinking and further development.

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Thrive on PressureTHRIVE ON PRESSURE: Lead And Succeed When Times Get Tough

Written by Graham Jones, this books aims to show how to lead and succeed when times get tough. Through his successful programme, this book provides the tools to:

  • Be a ‘real’ rather than a ‘safe’ leader
  • Stay in control under stress
  • Strengthen your self-belief
  • Channel motivation
  • Direct your focus to the things that really matter

Thrive on Pressure, describes how to excel when the chips are down and use pressure to your advantage. For those with the determination to make a real difference in their organisation, this book can help you thrive on pressure and produce positive results for you and your team!

“A must read for all business leaders during these competitive and turbulent economic times” – Mark Schortman, Chairman, Coca Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services Company

“This book is a great guide for helping you thrive on, and use, pressure to your advantage.” — Bill Vit, President and COO, Aon Affinity Insurance Services

“Thrive on Pressure focuses not only on theoretical aspirations, but also on practical measures to manage and utilize the pressures that are an inevitable part of the job.” — Edward Dolman, CEO of Christie’s International PLC

Developing Mental ToughnessDeveloping Mental Toughness: Gold Medal Strategies for Transforming Your Business Performance

Written by Graham Jones and Adrian Moorhouse (co-founders of Lane4), this book brings together Graham’s knowledge and experience of coaching mental toughness with Adrian’s experience of being an Olympic Gold Medal swimmer.

Adrian was World Number One in the 100 metres breaststroke for six consecutive years – an amazing feat! This book highlights the lessons we can learn from elite athletes about mental toughness and describes how people can learn skills and practical tools that will help them with their daily working lives.

The book includes stories from Adrian about how he developed these skills and tools in his journey to becoming the best in the world in his sport and how he continues to apply them in his leadership role at Lane4. This book has been translated into Chinese and published in the Czech Republic.

Understanding Psychological Preparation for SportUnderstanding Psychologial Preparation for Sport

Designed to enhance both theory and practice in the psychological preparation of elite athletes, this book integrates relevant qualitative and quantitative research literature with practical knowledge gained from personal experiences of working with elite athletes.

Seven aspects of psychological preparation are covered: basic psychological skills; self-confidence; motivation; arousal; stress and anxiety; concentration; and coping with adversity.

A research-based book, this was co-authored by Graham Jones, Professor Lew Hardy (University of Wales, UK) and Professor Dan Gould (Michigan State University, USA).

Stress and Performance In sportStress and Performance

This research-based book examines the stress experienced by athletes performing at the top level and how they cope with it. Published by John Wiley in the 1990s, when there was plenty of debate about the theory underpinning how stress affects performance, this book looks at competing theories before reviewing the theory and research on how athletes cope with stress.

Co-edited by Graham Jones and Professor Lew Hardy (University of Wales, UK), this book features interviews with some of the world’s best athletes.