Mental Toughness

Thrive on PressurePerforming at the highest levels means performing under pressure. TPC consultants have been at the cutting edge of research on mental toughness (research and writing books and research papers) from examining what it is in sport, through to what it is in the business world. What underpins mental toughness is an ability to thrive on pressure. The four key skills of mental toughness are:

  • Staying in control under stress
  • Strengthening your self-belief
  • Channeling your motivation to work for you
  • Directing your focus to the things that really matter

We have supported numerous organisations in developing their people’s ability to deal with pressure, through one-one coaching, leader development programmes and keynote speaking events. Examples of organisations with whom we have worked specifically on mental toughness include:

  • Dealership leaders from one of the top car manufacturers focused on staying ahead of the competition
  • Women Leaders network events for a global computer technology organisation focused on supporting and developing women leaders
  • A group of high potential future leaders in a highly successful and fast-paced social media company
  • A sales team in a leading insurance company who were tasked with improving performance dramatically
  • Law firms managing the tension of being both fee-earners and leaders
  • Investment and retail banks under pressure during the tough economic climate
  • A retail organisation going through a year-long acquisition
  • An association of library MDs in a major city facing a declining market
  • A senior leadership team in the tourism industry under pressure in an increasingly competitive market place
  • A manufacturing organisation embarking on a major turn-around
  • Leaders in a rapidly growing pharmaceutical organisation
  • Front line leaders in the NHS under increasing pressures

Graham contributed to our programme on Personal Development Planning, delivering an insightful and inspiring presentation on mental toughness. Through a series of exercises, cases and analogies he was able to explain the complex phenomena that underpin personal effectiveness in a clear, understandable, and most importantly, actionable way. Graham boasts a rare blend of academic rigour and practical experience that make his interventions highly meaningful and enjoyable.

Dr. Javier Marcos Lecturer in Sales Performance at Cranfield University