Here at Top Performance Consulting we believe in working to unravel complex concepts in human performance psychology so that they can be put into practice within the workplace. We are also keen to conduct and support studies taking place to keep this important area of research moving forward.

The founder of Top Performance Consulting, Graham Jones, has over 150 publications in the area of top performance, including five books and numerous groundbreaking studies and professional practice articles in scientific journals and trade publications. And that’s not to mention the number of interviews he has also given on this subject.

The resources here are intended to provide you with easy access to these articles, books and interviews.


Each article written by Graham and the team at Top Performance has been listed by subject matter making them easy to search and access.


Graham has designed and delivered numerous podcasts and webinars providing information and advice on many topics including how to thrive under pressure and how to become a ‘real’ leader. You can listen to some of these here.


Here we have provided information about the books written by Graham and, where possible, links enabling you to purchase these directly.

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I was fortunate to host a webinar that was guided by Graham on leadership. Graham’s style encouraged open and honest communication on the differences between “real” and “safe” leadership, as well as personal reflection on our individual responsibility in creating a culture where “real” leadership can thrive. The session was interactive, and I was very pleased by the level of participation from those who joined the session. Graham’s key points were also well supported by examples of individuals and companies who embodied “real” versus “safe” leadership practices. His message on “controlling the controllables” gave the team insight on the areas we could personally impact cultural change through our own actions, responses and behaviors.

Kim McCann President, Consumer Packaged Goods, BT Global Services