Dreams can come true

Dreams can come true

The biggest thing I have learned since I co-founded Lane4 is that dreams really can come true. Fifteen years ago, Adrian Moorhouse, Adrian Hutchinson and I dreamed about building a company that would be different to work for, be different in its market place and would grow organically to a size that would have a global reach whilst still maintaining its core values.

Lane4 has 65 people in three locations around the globe. The unique sporting heritage we began with is no longer quite so unique since we created a product and offering which others have followed; however, Lane4 remains number one by quite some way in our market place. And we have some amazing people who have done and continue to do amazing things. Being a Times Top 100 company to work for during the each of the past several years bears ample testimony to the culture of opportunity and achievement that we have strived for from day one.

So, for me, the dream has come true. Lane4 now has a plethora of highly talented and motivated people who have dreams to take it to new horizons. The time has come for me to give them the space to fulfil their dreams, and for me to work towards my own new horizons. I have decided to leave Lane4 and to venture in another direction.

In the New Year, I am relocating to the UK and will be operating under the name of Top Performance Consulting Ltd. I will continue to work closely with Lane4 as an Associate in both the UK and the US. My major focus will be on doing what I really enjoy and what I believe I’m good at. I will tell you more about this in the New Year.

In the mean time, I wish you all a very happy holiday.

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