Raising Your Game

Raising Your Game

My attention over the past few weeks has been almost exclusively consumed by preparing and delivering presentations and workshops as an Associate of Lane4 to senior leaders in large organizations. The top 200 leaders in JP Morgan’s EMEA Investment Banking business, the 45 most senior leaders in the Post Office, the Executive Team at Marie Stopes International, 35 leaders in Nationwide and another 15 in US pharmaceutical company, Allos, have all listened to my challenge and advice on a common topic – raising your game.

All these organizations are successful in one way or another and the leaders who comprised my audiences have been tasked with ensuring they continue to be successful. My experience working with elite athletes bears ample witness to the enormity of the task of achieving Number One status in that world. It has also taught me that it’s hard enough getting to the top, but it’s even harder staying there!

Staying at the top requires a continuous focus on raising your game. Sport provides a great lens to observe this, but it’s equally evident in the world of business. High performance organisations never stand still. A highly topical example is Apple’s launch of the iPad2 so soon after the overwhelming success of the iPad1 – and just as I thought I was beginning to master this inaugural version! – ensures that their competitors can only play catch-up at best.

The quest for sustained improvement brings with it expectations and pressures that leaders cannot hide from. Click on the link to see an article I had published last year in MWorld which discusses the mindset required of leaders to navigate their organizations towards high performance that is sustainable. Read more…

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