When The Current Gets In The Way Of The Future

When The Current Gets In The Way Of The Future

I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks of travel which has taken me from Poland to Denmark to Manchester and finally to Dallas, where the temperature reached 114F and the time I spent outdoors can be counted in minutes rather than hours.

My activities have ranged from delivering conference presentations to 140 senior leaders in GE and then to 150 partners in the fast-growing law firm, DWF, followed by two-day workshops with the senior leadership team in Masco Europe and then a group of 11 senior leaders in Oldcastle. The topics have ranged from ‘real leadership’, ‘performance coaching’, ‘high performance teamwork’ and ‘stepping up to the next level’.

All of these areas have performance at their core as organisations are more focused than ever on creating environments where high performance is not just a current deliverable but is also sustainable. This is where many organisations get it wrong. Their focus is so short-term that the longer term future is neglected and even compromised as a result of a day-to-day focus which is about survival as opposed to the future health of the organisation.

Of course, a balanced focus is what is required and it is the ‘real’ leaders who will deliver this. Click on the link to access an article I published recently which discusses how organisations can develop real leadership cultures.

I am due to deliver a workshop on this topic to the City HR Association in London on September 29th and will inform you of further details of this event as they emerge.

Article – Leaders Playing It Safe? Get Real!

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