Work life balance

Work life balance

Apologies for the long gap since my last post. A family bereavement brought with it an upheaval and sadness that quite rightly pushed updating my blog off any priority list. As ever, events like this are a painful reminder of what’s really important in life. Sadly, we too quickly forget as we get back into the routine of ‘normal’ life again – which brings me to the topic of work-life balance.

My thinking around this topic originates from my work with elite athletes. They do not achieve their status without incredible commitment, dedication and hard work. They will be training when you and I are tucked up in our beds on cold winter mornings. They will be tucked up in their beds when you and I are enjoying a beer or glass of wine at our friends’ party. When asked at the end of their careers if all the sacrifices they made were worth it, I have witnessed virtually all of them say, “I didn’t make any sacrifices, I made choices”.

Numerous senior leaders have told me about the ‘sacrifices’ they have to make because of their demanding roles and how they contribute to their stress: spending less time at home, always on a plane, never enough time. Those who thrive in these circumstances have a completely different mindset – they choose to do these things. And they make sure that the time they do have to devote to other things is of the highest quality, because they are making a choice rather than meeting an obligation. This mindset is crucial in helping leaders thrive under the spotlight. It also helps them achieve a work-life balance they have chosen as opposed to being a victim of their success.

On a completely different note, I am delighted to inform you that my new book, Thrive on Pressure, which was published in the US in August, is being launched in Europe today. It is available on

Have a productive next couple of weeks and make sure to remind yourselves continually of the choices that are open to you, and make them!

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