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It’s Cold Out There….John Peters

Exposed to threat, human beings exhibit the fight-or-flight response, which is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. The reaction is activated by the autonomic nervous system, which primes the animal for fighting or fleeing. This is particularly useful in former eras when threats were more physical than cognitive. This…

What do I do after a career in professional squash? Lisa Opie

I’d played squash almost every day from the age of 11 and professionally from age 17, so the thought of retirement was frightening. The decision to retire and what to do next is always tough on a professional ‘athlete’; for most, it’s all we have done.

Looking back all those years, nearly 20, this was the most worrying time for me. Niggly, chronic low back injuries were forcing me to…

The Future Of Coaching In The Workplace

By Lise Lewis, President, EMCC

Professional status, occupation or a transitory fad masquerading as a catalyst for change? This is a question which can be applied to coaching being accepted as a serious activity that adds value to, for example, business performance and success.

Coaching has grown exponentially with some expecting the ‘bubble to burst’ as the market became saturated wit…

From Knowing to Doing

By Costas Markides, London Business School
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In today’s hyper-competitive environment, traditional approaches to strategy are obsolete. The notion that a grand designer would be able to analyse the conditions facing the firm and design an effective strategy to move the organisation forward is nothing but an illusion. Today more than ever, strategy has to involve people—both at…

Building a Culture of Engagement with RESPECT™

By Paul Marciano, Author, Consultant, Speaker
“Leading with RESPECT”
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Over the past decade research around the world has demonstrated the link between employee engagement and organizational vitality on a number of measures including productivity, profitability, quality, retention, and safety. Naturally, organizations have responded by putting programs into place to increas…