Real and Safe Leadership

Top Performance believes that you can separate leaders, in any organization, into two main categories ‘Safe’ and ‘Real’.

‘Safe’ leaders are driven mainly by their need for rewards, power and status. They are unwilling to put themselves on the line because of the threat of losing their position if they get it wrong.

‘Real’ leaders are driven more by the challenge and opportunity to put themselves out there and make a difference. Their task is to create conditions where the people who are delivering the bottom line are able to thrive with as few constraints and as much support as possible.

At Top Performance, we can develop strategies to support those who strive to be real leaders and to challenge those who are stuck or choose to be at the safe end.


Leaders Playing It Safe? Get Real!
Real Leadership is the key to ensuring the future heath of organisations, says Graham Jones. Read more…

Choices and Acts: Strive to be a Real Leader
FOR SENIOR LEADERS, recent years have brought an intriguing quandary: keep your head down, stay out of the firing line, and play it safe; or, contribute to the health of the organization by stepping up to be real leaders. Read more…

Real Leadership: The Meaning Behind Motivation
Motivation isn’t just a day-to-day drive to achieve goals; it is more complex than that. Leaders must understand its multifaceted nature to achieve success in a healthy way. Read more…

The Safe Versus Real Leader
We hear a lot about “the new normal” as the world is (hopefully!) climbing out of the global economic debacle, but what does “new normal” actually mean? Read more…

Real Leaders Thrive When the Chips Are Down
The role of the leader involves several principal tasks: creating a compelling vision, coming up with a strategy to achieve that vision, and communicating the vision and strategy to the organization’s people. All of this puts the leader in a highly visible position, in which expectations can create enormous pressure. In tough economic times such as the world is experiencing now, this pressure is intensified. Leaders’ success in such environments depends largely on the path they choose: to be or safe leaders real leaders. Read more…



Speaking Engagements

Graham contributed to our programme on Personal Development Planning, delivering an insightful and inspiring presentation on mental toughness. Through a series of exercises, cases and analogies he was able to explain the complex phenomena that underpin personal effectiveness in a clear, understandable, and most importantly, actionable way. Graham boasts a rare blend of academic rigour and practical experience that make his interventions highly meaningful and enjoyable.

Dr. Javier Marcos
Lecturer in Sales Performance at Cranfield University June 2011