Thrive on Pressure

We are all faced with different types of pressure when trying to deliver top performance but we can all decide whether to ‘cope with’ or ‘thrive on’ this pressure.

Coping with pressure means that you get by but the constant struggle to cope will probably be at some expense to your energy and focus. Thriving on pressure can actually result in you generating more energy because you are stimulated by what many people refer to as a ‘buzz’.

This does not come naturally to everyone but the good news is, here at Top Performance, we can help you develop techniques and skills to enable you to thrive.


How Are You Under Pressure?
My first realization about mental toughness was that I did not possess much of it. As an 18-year-old playing an age-group sport for my country, I was hugely frustrated that I never seemed able to consistently deliver what I knew I was capable of when it mattered most. And on those rare occasions when I actually did, I was never quite sure how and why, which meant that replicating it next time was pretty much hit or miss. Read more…

Staying Resilient: Tips for Sustaining High-Level Performance Under Pressure
The economic climate has rocked the legal sector. In recent months, law firms from small local practices to urban megafirms have seen tightened budgets, reduced deal activity, billing and compensation rates frozen to 2008 levels, equity partners injecting more finance into the firms, layoffs from partner level to support staff, and delays in implementing new hires. This is pressure indeed for lawyers at all stages of their careers. Read more…