Top Performance Coaching

The close links between sport and business excellence has been widely written about and one of the most striking similarities has to be that of coaching people to higher levels of performance.

When talking about business coaching, there is the assumption that one-size-fits-all, which fails to examine what is required for coaching high-achievers compared to lesser-achieving individuals.

Here at Top Performance, not only do we have experience of working with actual sport coaches (we do hate to name drop but Graham Jones has worked alongside and supported some great coaches including Graham Henry who recently won the Rugby World Cup with New Zealand). We can also provide targeted coaching programmes to suit the individuals needs, develop coaches within an organisation, establish coaching as a means of training and help produce actual ‘coaching cultures’ within an organisation.

For us, it’s not just about providing coaching on a one-off basis, but giving organisations the tools to build coaching into their daily activities so that they are able to constantly coach and support their team to achieve and sustain high performance.


Performance Diagnosis and Solution Consultancy

For those in search of a real-life Obi-Wan Kenobi – a Jedi warrior with the insight, experience, wisdom and force to help them take their performance to the highest level – Graham Jones is the closest thing that may exist. A professional lifetime spent studying, applying, and honing what enables best-in-the-world achievers to first get there and then continue to raise their games has given Graham unique perspective on what it takes. His own ability to convey these learnings in practical ways that move the needle is second to none. As founders and principals of Sabretooth Capital – a hedge fund we launched in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis – my partner Craig and I have been extraordinarily fortunate to benefit from Graham’s input.

Erez Kalir
Sabretooth Capital October 2011