Top Performance Teams

High-performance organisations are in a constant state of formal or informal change. They can never stand still as they seek to maintain and extend their competitive advantage.

Leaders are at the core of this environment and they need to ensure that the right people, with a variety of talents and skills appropriate to the different roles they play, are inspired to produce a clearly defined and communicated output.

Teamwork has never been more important. And it’s not just about how people interact and work together, but also about how teams, like individuals, can thrive on pressure.

The awareness and sensitivity of the team at Top Performance Consulting, enables us to work effectively to support and build teams ranging from dysfunctional to top performing.


Speaking Engagements

In inviting Professor Graham Jones to our first national EMCC conference in Sweden, I was convinced that we would get a high quality presentation. This is exactly what we got, regarding context that was insightful and challenging, as well as raising some interesting issues on some of the myths of the coaching community. We also got a presentation that was delivered in a more than professional way. In a humble and authentic manner Graham managed to both catch our interest to the fullest, inform us and challenge us, with stories of both failures and successes (most coach presenters does lack the mental toughness to tell stories of failures). This made the presentation to what I think can be labeled a ‘next generation’ coaching presentation!

Po Lindvall
Vice president EMCC Sweden November 2011